Tuesday Sep 12th, 2017



  • Plan for when to buy
  • Is any of the reno dependant on the weather?
  • How long is the reno going to take?
  • Plan when to sell


Typically - and I only say typically - it is best to buy in the Fall/Winter.  The frenzy of the spring is over, people have moved during the summer, homes are staying on the market longer due to lack of buyers.

This gives you the fall and winter months to renovate.  You must plan ahead!  Are you doing any outside work?  That had better be done before the snow flies.  Inside renos can be done during the winter.

Have you left yourself enough or too much time?  Time is money!!  While you are renovating, you still have to pay for utilities, property taxes and the mortgage -- all while paying for the work itself.  Have you ordered all materials in plenty of time?  Have you lined up your contractors?  Have you allowed for unforeseen difficulties and delays?

We all know spring is the best time to sell.  The trick is to put it on the market EARLY EARLY in the spring when it is a seller's market and there is not much inventory.  If we have an early spring, it's going to be that much earlier.  Buyers come out as soon as weather allows -- will you be ready??

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